Production Planning and Control

Gearix Production Management fully supports the business needs of Large Enterprises to SMEs. It supports different functions and processes in the performance of day to day business operations.

Our Product


Production management in today’s environment is not restricted to the management of factories. These concepts are applied to a wide range of activities and situations outside manufacturing; in services such as transportation and government. Gearix provides a comprehensive solution for all production processes involved in planning, order management, execution and control in a challenging production environment. Gearix supports discrete, repetitive and process manufacturing. Gearix supports a number of manufacturing scenarios including make to stock, make to order and engineer to order.

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of material is a complete structured single or multi level list of the components required to manufacture a product…

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Route specifies the sequence of operations needed for the step-by-step production of a product using a bill of material…

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Work Center

A work center is where an operation or a number of operations are carried out in a production and maintenance plant…

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Production orders

Production orders trigger the manufacturing of a product in a required quantity. The production order can be generated…

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Shop floor control

Shop floor control is a production control and performance measurement system. It supports production optimization…

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