Effective and efficient personnel management is becoming increasingly important in the globalization of markets that you operate in. With increasing decentralization a central and constantly accessible personnel data for personnel management is extremely important for decision making, retention and corporate advantage. Personnel Management system enables you to perform and manage all modern personnel administration tasks. It relieves you from the costly and time consuming routine administrative activities and provides you with a number of tools to support your complex HR planning activities. Personnel Management system handles the entire life cycle of your employees from applicant stage to being your former employees.

It handles the promotions, postings and transfers, health, discipline and a host of other administrative functions. Organizational planning, HR budgeting and controlling the demographic profile of the workforce are the strong features of Gearix Human Resource system. You can define multiple organizational plans that can be adopted by the company in a competitive and growth oriented environment to optimize workforce deployment. Leave Management is highly flexible and enables you to organize and define your corporate leave policies and rules for different time management areas of the company. You can also define the leave rules for employee groups or even individual employees in any time management area. Postings and transfers are essentially reassignments of company employees on various positions in different organizational units of the company. These organizational reassignments may be required due to a number of reasons including promotions, vacancy fulfilment of important positions, placement of employees to fulfil the requirements of career and succession planning or on the request of an employee etc. Some large organizations may also have a policy to periodically rotate the human resource on similar jobs and positions.

Time Management is a sophisticated system for performing all processes involved in the planning and evaluation of work schedules of various your enterprise and your workforce. The system also provides elaborate support for recording and evaluation of employees’ work performed and absence times against planned personal work schedules.