Maintenance planning is carried out on the basis of manufacturer recommendations and legal and environmental requirements. Measuring Meters in the system track asset usage, document asset condition at a particular time and generate alarms when pre-defined limits are crossed. Maintenance tasks that are performed on regular intervals can be defined in the system. Maintenance actions like inspection, lubrication, calibration, replacement etc. form the basis of maintenance orders and you can assign reasons like preventive, breakdown, modification etc. to these actions. Maintenance plan is the key element in preventive and predictive maintenance and contains scope of tasks with relevant scheduling information. The plan also specifies what needs to be done if a scheduled task is missed for any reason.

Maintenance plans are defined on the basis of counters, repetitive maintenance tasks, maintenance actions, reasons and asset criticality. High, medium, low or normal ratings can be assigned to maintenance plans depending on asset criticality. You can also define maintenance plans for complex maintenance cycles. Maintenance plans form the basis of scheduling planned maintenance for assets. The system supports a comprehensive scheduler to check and create planned maintenance orders for assets that are due for maintenance. The outstanding work is rolled forward and added to the list of outstanding work. Scheduling is carried out in accordance with a set of priority rules – high priority work scheduled first. It optimizes maintenance work with available resources by minimizing wait times for permits, tools, heavy equipment and crew availability