The notifications record process, and manage different types of information. Notifications are used to process complaints, maintenance requirements and document malfunctions or exceptional situations. These can also be used to process inquiries and needs. Some of the notification types supported are maintenance notifications, quality notifications, service notifications, change notifications and feedback notifications to properly categorize information and ensure that they are assigned to the proper person or department for further processing.

Gearix generates maintenance order for preventive, breakdown or ongoing maintenance tasks. You can create an order with or without reference to a notification. It is possible to assign the order to one or more notifications. An order will normally contain all relevant information like task lists and the spares and tools required for performing maintenance. Documents and drawings of equipment can also be attached with maintenance orders. Completions can be used to ascertain progress on orders. Repairable spares can be refurbished many times for defects or wear, and then made available again as spare parts. Refurbishment orders are used to contract a work center to restore malfunctioning repairable spares to full working order at a certain date. A comprehensive history of all maintenance activities is recorded in the system which forms the basis for predictive maintenance and is used for analysis.