Gearix manages the material and financial accounting of stock and non-stock items. Service items can also be defined in the system. It supports the management of stocks in different heads like QC, Freely available, Blocked and GR Blocked for the purpose of controlling the flow of materials in different business scenarios. The system also manages special stocks like consignment, returnable materials etc.

The system handles a host of inward and outward material movements. Inward goods movements for purchase orders, cash purchases, refurbished material, production, returnable materials of suppliers and customers, free deliveries, consignment stocks and goods receipts without any reference are supported. Outward goods movements for customer orders, work orders, maintenance orders, project orders, consumption, assets, tools and repair are available. Inter-warehouse and inter-plant stock transfers are comprehensively handled by the system. The system also handles cancellation and adjustment of materials for any movement.