Financial Management & Reporting

Gearix Financials gives you complete authority over setting up your accounting system to meet your business and financial reporting needs. It is simple enough for use by a small company with straightforward accounting and reporting needs and powerful enough for a large multinational company with a diverse product line and complex chart of accounts and highly specialized controlling, monitoring and reporting requirements.

Our Product


Gearix Financials is a comprehensive and powerful enterprise financial management solution to handle the accounting, financial, and information management needs of an enterprise comprising multiple business units operating in diverse lines of businesses.

General Ledger

Gearix supports the accounting cycle from transaction recording to generation of final financial statements…

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Accounts Payable

Gearix is a powerful enterprise solution for handling all functions associated with vendor invoice and payment processing…

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Asset Management

Gearix effectively manages fixed, leased and expensed enterprise assets and fully supports capital works in progress…

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Accounts Receivables

Gearix Accounts Receivable System streamlines your receivable accounting from invoicing and receipts…

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Cash Management

Gearix helps you in managing your cash flows effectively. It provides you comprehensive cash management…

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