It includes Payroll Management System and Benefits Management system. Payroll Management System is a fully integrated system that calculates the remuneration for work done for each employee your enterprise. Payroll system is fully parameterized and intelligent. You can customize the payroll system according to your organizational policies, salary structures, and local tax, social security and labour laws. It is tightly integrated with personnel admin, time, leave, benefits and loan management systems and the General Ledger.

Payroll system supports three types of salary structures i.e. Pay scales, Pay grades and direct salary. The system enables you to assign different employee groups or individual employees to either one of these salary structures. Any number of wage elements can be defined for these salary structures. The wage agreements of the employees use these salary structures and their wage elements. The system automatically processes the payroll of the employees on the basis of the assigned wage agreements. Wage agreement forms an integral part of the employee contract. A wage agreement determines the actual amount of salary that is to be paid to your employees. All kinds of benefits including Social Security, Provident Fund etc can be managed through as well.