Business process reengineering is a future resolution in the agenda of many large as well as small companies in many industries, with manufacturing and banking/ finance being the leading sectors. It allows organizations to view their business processes from a fresh perspective in order to understand how to redesign them to improve the way they work. We at Gearix help taking the vision to paper and further.


  • Saving costs

  • Speeding processes

  • Bettering product/service quality

  • Increased revenue

  • Improved customer service

  • Higher employee retention

A proper business process analysis is a critical component to achieving the desired end result for a software implementation or upgrade because it seeks to understand the “why” behind everything you do … Why are you in business? … Why do your customers buy from you?

Should you choose to do business with a specialist from BASM, they will work with you and your staff to determine areas that can be automated, or that require better analysis tools to allow you to capitalize on your company’s unique strengths. This allows us to properly calibrate our broad scope business software systems to align with your company’s specific needs.

Some of the areas we cover during this phase include:

  • Identifying the most important factors in your business’ success.

  • Discovering your business drivers.

  • Detailing the aspects of your business that add value for your customers.

  • Learning how your business operates from the inside out.

  • And seeking ways in which enhancements can be made regarding improving efficiencies, doing more with less, increasing communication, and decreasing mistakes.