Enterprise Assets Maintenance

Gearix Enterprise Assets Maintenance encompasses a variety of maintenance elements. It focuses on quality to extend the life of your capital investments, improve your machine availability, and reduce your costs. It provides the framework to plan, prioritize, schedule, and track maintenance.

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Constant monitoring of equipment wear-out based on manufacturers’ requirements and experience coupled with on-site operator inspections and comprehensive maintenance planning features in Gearix enables you to develop a proactive response to prevent breakdowns which result in loss of production. It focuses on quality to extend the life of your capital investments and improve your machine availability. It provides a complete framework to plan, prioritize, schedule, and track maintenance. It manages all elements of maintenance including people, spare parts and processes with the associated costs. The system provides data and information to continually improve maintenance processes with a view to increase productivity and effect savings in planned and unplanned maintenance costs.

The most complex hierarchal plant and asset structures can be mapped in Gearix with the help of plant locations and equipment bills of material. Maintenance and planning plants can be defined for planning and execution of maintenance activities. The system supports centralized and decentralized maintenance planning for preventive and predictive maintenance activities to ensure high availability of your assets and avoid breakdowns, which in addition to repair costs often result in much higher costs owing to subsequent production breakdowns. Gearix recognizes fleet assets and fully supports their maintenance requirements. Gearix can manage different types of fleet assets like cars, construction machinery, containers and aircrafts.

Enterprise Assets Structuring

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Maintenance Planning

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Maintenance Execution and Control

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